Are you experiencing burning sensation in your upper abdomen along with other signs like bloating, nausea and vomiting? These all are prodromes and indicate that you are suffering with Gastritis. Gastritis is a digestive disorder which became common now a days due to excess stress, smoking, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.

What is Gastritis?


Inflammation or erosion of the inner lining of stomach named mucosa is usually referred as Gastritis. Excess gastric acid production by gastric glands in the stomach can irritate and damage the stomach lining. This damage to the stomach lining or gastritis can occur slowly over time or can happen suddenly. Sudden onset of gastritis is called acute gastritis and gastritis that appears slowly is referred as chronic gastritis. Gastritis in most of the cases is not serious and resolves with treatment, whereas in few cases gastritis can lead to ulcers and also raise your risk of stomach cancers.

Causes of Gastritis:


• High intake of spicy foods
• Excess alcohol consumption
• Infections due to virus and bacteria (H.pylori bacteria)
• Bile reflux
• Anxiety
• Regular usage of few prescriptions like NSAIDS
• Crohn’s disease
• Aging (with aging the lining of the stomach becomes weak and thin)
• Auto immune disorder

Symptoms of Gastritis


Few people with Gastritis do not face any severe symptoms, whereas few others experience warning signs like
•Burning sensation in the upper abdomen
•Loss of appetite
•Abdominal bloating
•Black coloured stool
•Periodic hiccups and burping
•Periodic hiccups and burping
•Loss of weight

Do’s and Don’ts for Gastritis


Gastritis mainly gets triggered or controlled with your dietary and lifestyle habits. Here are few tips which help in controlling Gastritis
• Avoid intake of spicy and salty foods

•Include fresh fruits, veggies, dairy products and whole grains in your diet
• Control your stress through meditation and other yoga
•Quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption
•Get enough sleep
•Drink plenty of water and follow a meal plan
•Avoid caffeinated products

Homeopathy for Gastritis


Homeopathy is considered to be the most ideal method for treating Gastritis. Dr J Lal Homoeopathy offers most suitable Worldclass homeopathic treatment for gastritis after detailed examination of the individuals, their symptoms and condition. These natural remedies not just control the symptoms but they work deep inside and prevent re-occurrence of the disease by treating the root causes successfully. Homeopathy for gastritis is strongly recommended as it is safe and does not lead to side effects and this is the most important and biggest advantage when compared to other conventional methods.