Many people face difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for longer periods no matter how stressed and tired they are. This is mainly because of a sleeping disorder called Insomnia. Insomnia is a serious condition where individuals fail to sleep and get enough rest. This lack of sleep affects the overall performance of individuals and leads to complications like depression, high BP and other chronic disorders. But luckily, homeopathy has long term solution for your problem. It induces your natural sleep and improves your condition.

What is Insomnia?:


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where people face trouble falling asleep and also staying asleep for longer hours. People with insomnia tend to wake up in middle of the night and faces difficulty going back to sleep and few people wake up too early in the morning even when they didn’t have enough sleep at night. As we all know sleep is very crucial for proper functioning of our body and mind. Around 6 – 8 hours of good sleep is highly recommended for everyone to rest our mind and also to energize our body. In insomnia, due to lack of good night sleep people confront daytime sleepiness and also feel tired..

Types of Insomnia:


Insomnia is mainly classified into two types namely
1. Primary Insomnia- This is a type where people face sleeping problems because of stress and not due to any underlying health problem.
2.Secondary Insomnia- In this type, sleeping problems can be caused due to some health issues like asthma, depression, arthritis, gastritis and other chronic conditions

Insomnia can be transient, acute and chronic. In transient insomnia, people faces sleeplessness for short periods like few days to a week and this may be caused due to general stress. Acute insomnia is a condition raised due to the occurrence of upsetting events and medications and in this the sleeplessness may last or few weeks, whereas Chronic insomnia is a condition which is raised due to secondary insomnia i.e. due to health problems like depression, Arthritis and so on.

Symptoms of Anxiety disorder


In this mechanical and competitive life insomnia has become very common and several factors can lead to it like
• Stress
• Psychological issuesbr
• Unhealthy diet
• Irregular sleeping patterns
• Environmental conditions like loud noises, heat or cold temperatures and light
• Aging
•Health illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders, arthritis, Asthma, allergies,8Gastric Disorders and others

Symptoms of Insomnia


The major symptom of insomnia includes trouble falling asleep and waking up many times during the night. Along with the above, few other symptoms individuals with Insomnia face include
• Tiredness
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Headache
• Daytime sleepiness

Homeopathy for Insomnia


Many alternative treatments for insomnia offer sleeping pills which are not good, addictive and can lead to several health problems. Whereas, homeopathy treats insomnia using natural and holistic remedies which are safe, not addictive and free from adverse effects. Dr J Lal Homoeopathy offers the best treatment for insomniacs based on individualization theory as every individual’s symptoms may not be same and they differ greatly. Homeopathic remedies offered by our passionate homeopaths mainly focus on inducing your natural sleep by treating the roots of the problem.