What is Sinusitis?


Sinuses are air filled cavities in bones of skull located around the nose and eyes and are commonly called as Para-nasal Sinuses. There are 4 pair of Para-nasal sinuses in human beings and are named according to the location or the bone in which they are present, they are
1. Frontal sinuses
2. Maxillary sinuses
3. Ethmoid sinuses
4. Sphenoid sinuses.
When these Sinuses are inflamed due to an infection or an allergic reaction it leads to Sinusitis. Maxillary sinuses are the most commonly effected sinuses.

What are the types of Sinusitis?


Depending upon the duration of the inflammation of sinuses they are classified into 4types.
1. Acute Sinusitis
2. Sub-Acute Sinusitis
3. Chronic Sinusitis
4. Recurrent Sinusitis.
Improperly treated Acute and Sub-Acute Sinusitis may progress to chronic Sinusitis. If Sinusitis is due to allergy, it will be generally recurrent and will come back after an exposure to allergens.

What are the causes of Sinusitis?


Sinusitis is caused by number of factors. Some are called predisposing factors and some are triggering factors.
Predisposing Factors:
These factors makes the individual more prone to get Sinusitis.
1. One of the most commonly seen factor is DNS (Deviated nasal septum).
2. Polyp or Tumors in nose
3. Allergy
4. Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils
5. Dental Problems (cavities and decayed tooth etc)
6. Chronic exposure to smoke, dust, pollutants and other chemical substances.
7. Weak Immunity (due to Diseases like HIV/AIDS or those persons under Chemotherapy, or Persons using Immune-Suppressive Drugs after organ Transplantation.)

What are the symptoms of Sinusitis?

Symptoms of Sinus may vary according to Severity of Sinusitis and location of sinuses involved. Although all the symptoms may not be seen in the same individual, yet Symptoms play a important role in diagnosis of Sinusitis.
1. Runny Nose and Nasal discharge can be thick or thin and can be yellowish or greenish.
2. Obstructed / stuffed sensation in nose, blocked nose
3. Post nasal Drip (discharge from back of nose into the throat)
4. Headache or sensation of pressure in Head
5. Decreased sense of smell
6. Halitosis (Bad breath)
7. Cough with expectoration (Mucous)
8. Occasionally Tooth pain, Ear Pain
9. Sore throat or pain in region of affected sinus can be present (Cheek pain if maxillary sinus is involved, pain above eye brows if Frontal sinuses are involved)
10. General symptoms like Fever, Tiredness, Fatigue

How is Sinusitis Diagnosed?


Sinusitis can be easily diagnosed by the history and symptoms given by the people. Clinical examination by doctor to elicit tenderness over the sinuses confirms the diagnosis. A Doctor can order common tests.

Homeopathy Treatment for Sinus:


Dr J Lal Homoeopathy has the Experience of Curing hundreds of people with Sinusitis. Homeopathic treatment offer good results in people with acute and sub-acute Sinusitis and prevent the progression of disease into chronic Sinusitis. In people with chronic Sinusitis using Homeopathic Treatment will prevent the need of painful process and will control Sinusitis. In people with Recurring Sinusitis, not only the frequency & severity of attack but Sinusitis can be controlled. In people suffering with Allergic Sinusitis, homeopathic treatment helps to boost the immune system so as to make the individual less prone to allergens and control the Sinusitis.