Every newsletter and magazine now shows the epidemics of Obesity, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, cancer, Arthritis, Heart diseases and many more. The tremendous change in lifestyle is not only a cause of negative affects on mind, body and health but is also a call for many chronic diseases. One of which is Obesity. Overweight and Obesity has now became the serious concern to be think of.

Additional factors causing Obesity are:


1.Genetic disorders
2.Underlying illness( as hypothyroidism)
4.Certain medications
5.Inadequate sleep
Obesity may increase the risk of many diseases such as:
3.Type 2 diabetes
4.Coronary heart diseases
6. Social and psychological problems

Homeopathy Treatment for Obesity:


Homeopathic treatment is the safest treatment bearing less pain. Constitutional treatment is the natural treatment for Obesity. Constitutional approach means, An individual, his character, presentation, his occupation, mode of living and habits and his social relations and his age and sex.Homeopathic treatment for Obesity is based on treating the cause of disease. For example if Obesity is due to hormonal diseases like hypothyroidism then it will be concentrating on treating hypothyroidism. Besides the treatment, proper diet and physical exercise should go hand to hand with the treatment.

Do’s for Obesity


1.Eat wheat,barley and maize, recommended vegetables are bitter-gourd, long gourd and drumsticks
2.Drink warm water
3. Brisk walk for 30 mins
4. Meditation and yoga for stress control
5. Practice limited diet
6. Reduce the intake after 5 pm
7. A proper diet chart also has helped a lot to reduce weight

Dont’s for Obesity

1.Avoid excess intake of rice and potatoes which contains a lots amount of carbohydrates.
2.Avoid processed and junk foods
3.Avoid oily and fried food
4.Avoid sweets and bakery products
5.Avoid sedentary habits