Suffering from skin problems like dryness, raised red rash and itchiness from time to time, then it might be due to Eczema. It is a skin condition commonly seen in children and sometimes can also affect elders. Though Eczema is not life threatening, it can trigger the risk of developing several health conditions like asthma, hay fever, viral and bacterial skin infections and others. Homeopathy for Eczema has some great natural remedies. Homeopathy not just controls Eczema but also reduce the risk of further complications.

Here, let us in detail discuss about Eczema, its types, causative factors, symptoms and also how Homeopathy treatment for Eczema works.

What is Eczema?


Eczema also called as dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disorder where people experience patches of red, dry and flaky skin on most of the areas like face, neck, upper chest, hands, feet and also behind the knees. As discussed earlier Eczema is mostly seen in children and most of them outgrow this disorder, whereas in few people this may persist into adulthood. In few people, Eczema tends to flare up periodically. People suffering from Eczema have severe itching sensation and when scratched it can irritate the skin and lead to redness and cracks. Most importantly Eczema does not spread from one person to other and is not contagious.

Types of Eczema


Eczema is classified into different types based on their physical appearance and each type has some unique set of symptoms and triggers.
• Atopic Dermatitis
• Contact Dermatitis
• Dyshidrotic Dermatitis
• Nummular Dermatitis
• Neurodermatitis
• Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff)
• Stasis Dermatitis

Causes of Eczema


It is an degenerative joint disease, it is common effects the joints that bear our body weight such as knees, hips, ankle and spine.In osteoarthritis there is a break down of cartilage, a cartilage which acts as a absorber to the bones.

Eczema is not really caused due to a particular factor or condition, but it is influenced by several factors like hereditary and environmental factors. Few risk factors of Eczema include
• Dry skin
• Allergens
• Irritants
• Stress
• Contact with chemical products
• Changes in hormones
• Certain foods
• Weather changes

Symptoms of Eczema


Symptoms of Eczema varies based on the type and severity of Eczema, here are few common symptoms
• Dry skin
• Itching
• Red and inflamed patches
• Thick, cracky and scaly skin
• Oozing and crusting
• Darkening of the skin in long run

Homeopathy treatment for Eczema


Homeopathy treatment for Eczema is highly recommended. In the beginning stages, homeopathy controls the symptoms and later controls the progression of the disease by treating roots of the problem. Dr J Lal Homoeopathy offers constitutional homeopathy treatment for Eczema and controls it effectively. These Constitutional homeopathic remedies are offered based on individualization theory and hence they are safe and free from side effects.